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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

♥ Hookeys Back!

Yes! it has been a while my friends! But im BACK! and yes i have still been sketching away... i just been going through the trials and tribulations of life. I hope you guys were productive while i was away. so enough of the jib jab. wheres the art you say? well its right here! stay safe out there peace!

Ps. This is just a little composite work! What would i have done if i didn't figure out this great technique?! i know im kind of late but...... LOOK AT IT! Im happy with the result! hope u like too. Comment are mucho appreciated. (you know you want to! everybody's doing it... hahah) bye!

2:32 PM

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

♥ Chun-Li

hello friends! this is the guy you sneak to the computer late at night to veiw....Cas you like my art so much!...huhuh....yeah..... Any way... i hope you like my new addition to the gallery. I thank you guys mounds for veiwing my deviant as well as following my blog. The kind words help me out alot. so again thank you. I am going to get into coloring and try to well round myself out. I enjoy your art as well. Its very informative... well... enough of my jib jab. Hope you enjoy.... Later-

Justin Higgins-

1:42 PM

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

♥ The force is strong with this one...

Hello world thought id hit you with some random goodness to add to the pot which is Wrinkle. Enough of my Jib Jab. Here's the Starwars/Dead Space influenced artwork. You guys stay safe out there. See you soon! Peace.

11:13 PM

Sunday, April 11, 2010

♥ Sorry Alphonse

Been watching me some FMA: BROTHERHOOD. great anime. I love Alphonse just as much as the next guy but hey!!! the thought crossed my head and i just had to. Dont be mad. this does not happen in the series......I think. Gluttony doesn't eat Al. Well in my mind he does cas Lt. Hues didn't deserve to die!!! Hope you guys like the penciled goodness. Thanks for visiting... See you soon. Peace.

Justin Higgins-

11:15 PM

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


just trying to work on some perspective and what better to use the FLCL character as a referenced. Hope you guys like the art. Peace.

3:50 AM

♥ Mechanic Love!

The only true love there is in this world of ours. Sometimes i wanna get lost in the animes i watch. the worlds are so inviting. it seems like alot of them have characters who support idealistic activities..... Listen to me g on about imagination. To those who dont dare to dream... i think you should start. it is the only way to heal the wounds of the world you know. as long as those dreams are positive and have love behind them you will grow. hence "MECHANIC LOVE" fix this life. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.

3:43 AM

Monday, April 5, 2010

♥ Japanese poster?

some sketch i did digitally... gotta love the wacom tab... its like piccolos armor. while you use it it becomes easier to handle but when you use a pencil instead of it you become super man. just thinking out loud. hope you like it and yes it is actually in Japanese. peace.

8:07 PM

Man behind the Pencil


      Names Justin... but wrinkle will do. this is my art and nonsense and i hope you enjoy it.


    The lateGREAT Satoshi Con, Dayne Henry, Lesean Thomas, Hayao Miyazaki, Felipe Smith, Takeshi Koike, Seung Eun Kim, Scotty Young... Ect. I love all these artist. im just listing the styles i study and ponder over. if i missed any shoot me a email and i'll post you up! till then thank all artist for the inspiration

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